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Confluence Server Version
Server Version
frevvo Add-on Version
3.1 - 3.5v4.x (v5.x SaaS1)v4.1.6
4.0 - 4.2v4.x (v5.x SaaS1)v4.1.8
4.3v4.x, v5.xv4.1.11
v5.1v5.1.1 patch42v5.1.1
v5.4, v5.5.*, v5.6.*v5.3.3+3v5.2.0


  1. Frevvoproduct
    v5.x has not been certified against Confluence Server version 3.x or version 4.0 - 4.2. However Live Forms Online SaaS customers are using this combination successfully.
  2. The frevvo add-on for Confluence server v5.1 requires the
    server v5.1.1 patch4 or later.

  3. The frevvo add-on for Confluence server v5.4 an , v5.5, and v5.6 requires the
    server v5.3.3 or later.


This frevvo CF plugin is compatible with Confluence server v5.4.x, v5.5.x and v5.6.x.

New Features:

  • Confluence user profile attributes available in frevvo's Subject for use in business rules as subject.confluence.* as shown in the example below:

    Code Block
    if (form.load) {
      Email.value = _data.getParameter('');
      Location.value = _data.getParameter('subject.confluence.location');
      Phone.value = _data.getParameter('');
      IM.value = _data.getParameter('');
      Website.value = _data.getParameter('');
      Position.value = _data.getParameter('subject.confluence.position');
      Department.value = _data.getParameter('subject.confluence.department');