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The PageBreak control cannot be dropped BELOW any control. It can be dropped BETWEEN 2 controls or ABOVE any control. For example, say you had a form with two panels side by side and you wanted to drop a PageBreak control in between them. Drag the PageBreak control from the palette to the left of the second panel in the form until you see the    up arrow as shown in the image below:

Drop the control when you see the Image Modified  green up arrow and the PageBreak control will drop between the two panels.

Let's try another example. You are designing a form for mobile devices. You drag and drop one control on the form. Now you want to add the PageBreak control and then add other controls below it. You cannot drop the PageBreak below any control so you will have to add the other controls first and then drop the PageBreak control where you want it. Once you add more than one control to the form, you can drop controls from the palette or the form above or below the page break. You can drag and drop the PageBreak itself anywhere at the root of the form. The PageBreak control should not be dropped inside sections, panels, tables or repeat group controls. The only exception is the Tab control. See below for the details.