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  1. Please read and understand the Migration Considerations which may require your action before beginning.
  2. Backup the forms and users databases from your current
  3. Backup the current
    server's installation directory so that you have a copy of all custom configuration parameters.
  4. Stop the 
    server using stop-frevvo.[bat,sh] or through the Computer Management Services console if
    is running as a window's service.
  5. Install a fresh v6.3
    1. Download the latest v6.3 software.
    2. The download is a zip file. Extract the contents to any folder of your choice. This folder will be referred to as <frevvo-home> (note that the zip already contains a top level frevvo folder).
    3. Navigate to <frevvo-home>\tomcat\conf\catalina\localhost\frevvo.xml in the v6.3 directory structure.
    4. Point the v6.3 frevvo database to your current frevvo database. Remember to add the sendStringParametersAsUnicode property with a value of false to your database connection URL if it is not already there.


      The execution of SQL scripts is no longer required. All database initialization and/or upgrade will be done by frevvo.war as part of the

      v6.3 startup.

  6. If you are upgrading from
    v6.1+, you can skip steps 7a  - 7b
    . Go directly to step 8.
  7. If you are upgrading from a
    version prior to v6.1, then you MUST perform these steps: