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A rule can dynamically display an image uploaded to your form via the upload control. In this example the upload control is named 'u'. The form also must contain a message control as a place holder for displaying the uploaded image. The rule dynamically creates a URL to the uploaded image in the

temporary attachment repository. The upload control's value 'u.value' is a GUID that uniquely identifies the attachment. The uploaded image will be included in the submissions pdf.

Code Block
if (u.value.length > 0) {
  var baseUrl = _data.getParameter('_frevvo_base_url') + 
      ""/frevvo/web/tn/" +
      _data.getParameter('') +
      "/user/"+_data.getParameter('') +
      "/app/"+_data.getParameter('') +
  im.value = "'<img src="'" +
         baseUrl + "'/attachment/"' + u.value+"'/does_not_matter'"/>"';

Here is the example form before and after the user has upload the orangegrovefrevvo.logo,orange.png image: