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v7.0.1. was released on 8/5/2016 for in-house customers.

Configure Snapshot Isolation for SQL Server Databases

If you are using SQL Server as your Live Forms database, it is highly recommended that you turn on the READ COMMITTED SNAPSHOT setting in the database.

You do not have to do this if you are using MySQL or Oracle databases because the READ SUBMITTED SNAPSHOT is turned on by default.

There are two ways to turn on the option:

  1. Using DDL ( Data Definition Language) - Run the commands listed below

    Code Block
    ALTER DATABASE <your frevvo database schema> - replace <your frevvo database schema> with the name of your frevvo database schema 
  2. Using SQL Server Management Studio:
  • Turn on the “Is Read Committed Snapshot On” Option under database properties.

Filesystem Connector

The Filesystem connector has a new wizard to simplify the configuration and generation of metadata. Post migration 

 forms and flows that use the Doc Action Post to the Filesystem connector v1.0 will continue to work. If you want to use the Filesystem Connector wizard going forward, you must upgrade to the Filesystem Connector v1.0.1.