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  1. Recalculate from base - Click this to manually recalculate the colors in your style. You may want to do this if you have modified the calculated colors and decide to revert back to the initial
    calculated colors.
  2. Update - Click this to save modifications made to a new or existing Style.
  3. Cancel - Click this to return to the Style tab



The default font size for forms/flows is 14. This cannot be changed.


If you are using IE8, and the background color you have selected, does not fill the form completely, the work-around is to select a white background Support for IE8 will be dropped in the Fall 2014 Live Forms release.


Example - Changing the background color for Required Fields


Styles can be selected dynamically via the form or space using the Url parameter _styleId. This parameter take precedence over a style selected at the Application or form level.  Append Append  _styleId<the styleId=<the name of the style> to the share link of your form/flow or space. The share url shown appends the _styleId parameter equal to a style named Orange that was created by the designer.