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Why Upgrade?

v7.1 contains new features that improve usability and makes designing forms easier. Here are a few of the top reasons to upgrade:

  • New Features:

    • Improved submission UI supporting submission search by fields in your form/flow (#19626)
      • Ability to delete Aborted or submissions in the Error state (#19043)
    • Share the editing of Formsforms/flows with more than one designer using the Designer ACL feature. (#8493)
    • Enhanced Task Search includes optional search by

      submission data from

      fields in your form/flow

      key fields


    • Submissions in the Aborted, Submitted or Error state can be deleted.
    • The Authentication Only checkbox on the Azure tenant screen is hidden.
    • The Notify checkbox defautlts to selected in LDAP/AD Configurations
    • Save to File System URL defaults to blank for Cloud customers. It remains configurable for In-house customer(#16039 

    • Save submissions to with the box connector. Easily integrate forms/flow to box with the Save to Box wizard (#19514)

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Migration topics for v7.1:
New Export to Excel feature
#19973 Message elements cannot be edited
#19913 Strings containing ':' does not get translated when ISO-8859-1 encoding checkbox is checked while uploading the locale file.


Automatic Upgrade for Live Forms Online (Cloud Hosted) Customers