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Why Upgrade?

v7.1 contains new features that improve usability and makes designing forms easier. Here are a few of the top reasons to upgrade:

  • New Features:

    • Improved submission UI supporting submission search Search submissions by fields in your form/flow. (#19626)
      • Ability to delete Aborted or submissions in the Error state (#19043)
    • Share the editing of forms/flows with more than one designer using the Designer ACL feature. (#8493)
    • Enhanced Task Search includes optional Optionally search Tasks by fields in your form/flow. (#16039 

    • Save submissions to with the box connector. Easily integrate forms/flow to box with the Save to Box wizard (#19514)

On This Page:

Table of Contents


Migration Considerations for Cloud and In-house Customers


v7.0.1.0 was released on 8/5/2016 for in-house customers.

Filesystem Connector

The Filesystem connector has a new wizard to simplify the configuration and generation of metadata. Post migration 

 forms and flows that use the Doc Action Post to the Filesystem connector v1.0 will continue to work. If you want to use the Filesystem Connector wizard going forward, you must upgrade to the Filesystem Connector v1.0.1.

SAML Tenant backdoor admin user

When you create a new tenant you are prompted to set up a tenant admin user id and password. If you are using a SAML IDP, this tenant admin does not authenticate via your SAML IDP. It only exists in

. If you experience an issue with your SAML configuration such that you can't login as a SAML authenticated user, this account provides a backdoor you can use to login to your tenant as a tenant admin in order to fix your SAML configuration issue. Only one backdoor tenant admin account is supported.

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If your tenant originally used the Default Security Manager and then you changed to the SAML Security Manager, this tenant admin account has already been setup. If you have forgotten the password, you can change it by :





What if you do not remember the userid of your original tenant admin? Follow these steps:

  1. Login as your authenticated SAML tenant admin
  2. Click Manage Users and click the Image Removededit admin icon.

It is recommended that you review the tenant admin information so you will have it available BEFORE a crisis situation arises.


Export to Excel replaced by Export to CSV File

Searchable Fields

Migration Considerations for Live Forms In-house Customers

 Configuration parameters for Submissions View




Just a Reminder for In-house Customers