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Saved and Key fields have been replaced by Searchable Fields. Searchable fields configured for a form or flow are the fields that can be used to filter submissions or Tasks on a Task List.The v7.1 upgrade automatically displays

Cloud customers can configure up to 10 Searchable fields while the maximum number of fields can be configured in an in-house installation.

When an attempt is made to add a searchable field in excess of Adding more than the maximum configured number of searchable fields, the user will see displays an error message ("Maximum Number of Searchable Fields Exceeded!"). The message will appear on the lower right of the screen and will disappear after a short time. Any fields in excess of the max maximum number of fields configured will not be allowed.

If the Legacy submissions view is configured, designer users will see Searchable and Saved field tabs when the link to Setup Searchable Fields is clicked. The v7.1 upgrade automatically displays previously configured Key fields on the Searchable field tab and any configured Saved fields on the Saved fields tab. Fields from your form/flow display on the Available Fields tab and supports drag and drop and left and right buttons for easy configuration when setting up the Searchable and Saved fields lists.




Saved fields are only used for the Export of submissions to Excel which is currently available from the Legacy Submissions view. However, the Export to Excel feature, along with the Legacy Submissions view will be removed in the next major release. Customers are encouraged to begin using the redesigned submissions view to become familiar with the new functionality and the export to a csv file as soon as possible.