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v7.1.2 is primarily a bug fix patch release. It contains two enhancements. Live Forms Cloud customers are scheduled for upgrade on 1/28/2017. The in-house version of Live Forms will be released on 1/27/2017 




  •    Simple registration for cloudd and in-house trial tenants.
  •    Trial tenants include a set of form/flow templates to help with your evaluation of
Tickets fixed:
  • #20157 - Azure AD signing key rollover results in error requiring an update of IDP metadata in the
  • #20296 -Text on space home page is cut off from right and bottom.
  • #20387 - Users are not redirected to SAML authentication URL when the IDP session timeout expires.
  • #20421 - NullPointerException sending task notifications.
  • #20428 - Tenant admin cannot navigate to user home pages with case insensitive Azure security manager.
  • #20429 - User lookups in 
    list users from a tenant using the Azure Security manager in mixed case.
  • #20439 - Anonymous Email not sending emails. Error displays "Cannot send email to" with the correct email address inserted in the message.