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If this checkbox is checked, and a person without the correct user or role tries to use the flow, the flow will be auto-started and sent to the task list of the person(s) specified in the user property or the roles list. The user who tried to access the flow will see the Pending Message setup for the first step or the default pending message "Your Request is being processed". 

Kick Off Parallel Workflow Tasks

It is possible to "kick off" a workflow from a form by using a business rule that performs an http get with the URL to the workflow. The Task for First Step property must be checked in the workflow for this to work. If you are using

v7.2+, the raw link to the workflow that you are calling must be in the format discussed below:

  • Cloud customers must change to frevvo:// in the rule that kicks off the flow.
  • In-house customers must change the http:<domain>:<port> to  frevvo:// in the rule that kicks off the flow.

Fast Finish

The Fast Finish feature is very useful when you're filling a lengthy screen flow.

 workflows consist of steps (steps) performed by the same person or more than one person. Steps in a workflow performed by the same person are called multipage forms or screen flows. The designer can select the Navigation Toolbar  or add a Summary step as one of the steps to provide an easy way to move forward and backwards through the steps of a