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Before you begin the migration process:

  • Please check the Supported Platforms to confirm the latest requirements.
  • Please read and understand the Planning for v7.2 which may require your action before you begin your upgrade.

Determine Your Upgrade Path

Your Live Forms Version

Recommended Upgrade Path to v7.2.x


Upgrade directly to v7.2.x


Upgrade directly to v7.2.x

6.3.xUpgrade directly to v7.2.x
7.0.xUpgrade directly to v7.2.x
7.1.xUpgrade directly to v7.2.x

 Please follow the instructions on this page, to perform your upgrade.

Table of Contents


  1. Unzip the downloaded build zipfile to a temp directory. 
  2. Copy the \temp\frevvo\tomcat\webapps\frevvo.war file.

  3. Stop 


  4. Replace the frevvo.war file in your installation with the one copied above.

  5. If you made any configuration changes in the web.xml file inside the frevvo.war, we recommend that the configuration context parameters be moved to the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\conf\localhost\frevvo.xml instead. This keeps all your changes in one place and makes migration to major new versions easier. If you choose not to move the configuration to frevvo.xml, you can follow the steps here to make the changes in the v7.2.x web.xml or you can just copy the old web.xml and replace the new one with it.

  6. Delete everything inside \frevvo\tomcat\temp directory of your installation.

  7. Start the Insight server. Refer to Step 20 above for the instructions.

  8. Start