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The frevvo team is pleased to announce the release of 

 v7.1 - a major new release.


v7.1.6 (xxxxx)




v7.1.6 is a bug fix patch release. Live Forms Cloud customers are scheduled for upgrade on 4/10/2017. In-house customers upgrading from v7.1.x, should refer to the  Applying a Minor Patch Update topic in the Upgrade Guide.

Tickets fixed:


  • #20891 - Forms with mobile page breaks don't work properly when the pages need to be shown dynamically.
  • #20897 - Tenants changed from mixed case to lower case names are unable to see all submissions. Flow admins are seeing error alert email with message: HTTP Error 404. Could not send submission to insight server. HttpSolrClient.RemoteSolrException:


 Confluence PluginDatabase ConnectorGoogle ConnectorPVE ConnectorFilesystem Connector
Live Forms v7.1.6v5.4.0 (Confluence 6.0.x)v2.4v2.1.1v5.3v1.0.1v1.0.0

v7.1.5 (29603)


v7.1.5 is primarily a bug fix patch release. The in-house version of Live Forms was released on 3/10/2017. In-house customers upgrading from v7.1.x, should refer to the  Applying a Minor Patch Update topic in the Upgrade Guide.

The Live Forms Cloud was upgraded on 3/18/17.

Tickets fixed:
  • #20742 - FREVVO.PRINT_PAGE_NUM & FREVVO.PRINT_PAGE_COUNT functions show markup instead of page numbers/counts when configured in the PDF header/footer.


v7.1.4 is primarily a bug fix patch release. Live Forms Cloud customers are scheduled for upgrade on 3/4/2017. The in-house version of Live Forms will be released on 3/2/2017. In-house customers upgrading from v7.1.x, should refer to the  Applying a Minor Patch Update topic in the Upgrade Guide.

Tickets fixed:
  • #20556 - Custom session-timeout not working for SAML tenants
  • #20726 - Quick Approval warning message visible but null for designer with ACL privilege 


Tickets fixed:
  • #20545 - Broken image in captcha popup
  • #20555 - Cannot configure flow rejection if the user id contains an @ sign
  • #20557 - SQL Server deadlocks interfere with Escalations working consistently.  
  • #20593 - URL to add.gif is not working in Chrome and IE browsers


  • Simple registration for cloud and in-house trial tenants.
  • Trial tenants include a set of form/flow templates to help with the evaluation of 
Tickets fixed:
  • #20157 - Azure AD signing key rollover results in error requiring an update of IDP metadata in the
  • #20296 -Text on space home page is cut off from right and bottom.
  • #20387 - Users are not redirected to SAML authentication URL when the IDP session timeout expires.
  • #20421 - NullPointerException sending task notifications.
  • #20428 - Tenant admin cannot navigate to user home pages with case insensitive Azure security manager.
  • #20429 - User lookups in 
    list users from a tenant using the Azure Security manager in mixed case.
  • #20439 - Anonymous Email not sending emails. Error displays "Cannot send email to" with the correct email address inserted in the message.   


v7.1.1 is primarily a bug fix patch release. Live Forms Cloud customers were upgraded on 12/23/2016. The v7.1.1 in-house version of Live Forms was not released. Customers are encouraged to use v7.1.4 which was released on 3/2//2017. 

 Tickets fixed:
  • #20426 - Application Error when clicking Continue on a workflow step in a tenant using the Azure SAML security manager. 


Tickets fixed:
  • #17845 - Selection control option value containing special characters displays escaped value when mapped to PDF fields.    
  • #18996 - Sorting submissions by key fields is not working correctly.
  • #19119 - labels in Dropdown options containing an ampersand or an apostrophe are not escaped in the PDF snapshot and Email Subject  

  • #19167 - "Invalid signature detected. Data may have been tampered with" error in a workflow if a section has an Upload Control with attached files.  
  • #19190 - JavaScript alert appears when adding id parameter to form popup url in FF browser
  • #19203 - task.notify.url generates raw form link. As a result, the form is not centered in the web page when an anonymous user clicks the link to open the task.
  • #19284 - The Authentication Only checkbox on the Azure tenant screen should be hidden.
  • #19292 - Role Names > than 15 characters Display error when creating roles in UI or csv upload.
  • #19328 - frevvo.currentTenant() returns the tenant name that the form is in when you access a public form anonymously (not logged into any tenant).
  • #19386 - The Notify checkbox should default to selected in LDAP/AD Configurations
  • #19432 - Blank form displays when clicking task perform urls in email notifications in a SAML tenant.   
  • #19434 - Long name for forms/flows make the pie chart smaller in size in the Active Processes report. 
  • #19469 - Null Pointer Exception when the Insight Data Batch job encounters corrupt data.    
  • #19563 - Flow task submitted automatically after the Save button is clicked when the flow step has a precondition that evaluates to false. 
  • #19568 - Add showLink=false to the Full Page URL of forms.

  • #19612 - DB2 & POSTGRESQL Resource section still included in server.xml
  • #19705 - Doc and Activity Doc Actions configured in a flow happen before rules containing form.unload and form.deactivate execute.
  • #19707 - Users must scroll down to see the Login box when a long public form is saved and Anonymous Signup is selected for the tenant.
  • #19708 - Rules to extract AD attributes do not work in a tenant using the LDAP Container Security Manager
  • #19713 - Ignore case option is not selected by default in LDAP, SAML and Azure SAML security managers
  • #19728 - Browsing a space specific task list url navigates to the IDP login page for a SAML tenant
  • #19740 - 6.1-to-6.2-upgrade in frevvo_db_changelog.xml fails from scratch for OEM customer
  • #19744 - Special characters in PDF name cause application error
  • #19749 - Custom styles in a Space revert to default styles after upgrade.
  • #19774 - Save to File System URL should default to blank for Cloud customers.
  • #19756 - Form Action (Forward users to web page) does not work in flows if the last step is performed from task list.
  • #19778 - "Access Denied" error when browsing the URL of a public flow that has a role assigned to the first step.
  • #19788 - Uploaded attachments with long names cause submission failure.
  • #19807 - Uploading a csv file that does not contain roles for users who have roles assigned to them displays a misleading "Update of user roles failed" warning.
  • #19809 - Flows do not create a task for last step in an LDAP tenant when there are no holidays configured in the Business Calendar. 
  • #19813 - Error 1053 when trying to stop Frevvo as a Windows Service. 
  • #19818 - Live Forms does not start successfully unless frevvo.users.schemaName parameter in v7 frevvo.xml matches the parameter in v6 frevvo.xml
  • #19838 - Long signatures entered into the "Or Type Name" field of a Wet Signature control in an Accessible form are truncated.

  • #19912 - Placeholder translation string is not present for flows.

  • #19913 - Strings containing ':' do not get translated when ISO-8859-1 encoding checkbox is checked when uploading the locale file.  

  • #19923 - Form validation error on fields when valid input values are entered.

  • #19973 - Handling of certain html tags causes some Message controls to be uneditable.
  • #20044 - "Value update failed" error when changing the selection in a dropdown control populated from a database using the Database Connector

  • #20291 - Space logout link is not present for tenants using the LDAP Security Manager.