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application enables you to conveniently group forms, flows, schemas and documents together and work with them as a coherent unit. Applications are portable. You can download applications and then upload them to other users or other 


We recommend that tenant admin users not create or edit applications. These users should restrict themselves to administrative tasks


The Template Applications, Guided Tour and Page Help features are currently not available in the in-house version of

. They may be included in a future release.

The Applications page lists the Applications that you have created. On this page, you can

  • Click the Guided Tour button button Image Added to familiarize yourself with the basics of
  • Click the Page Help button Image Addedfor information about the features on the Application Home page.
  • Click to create a new application
  • Click to link to an application
  • Click  to upload an application file
  • Click to delete an existing application
  • Click to edit an application
  • Click to edit the application properties
  • Click to download an existing application
  • Click to share an application.

Also when you hover over any application a tool tip will display the application's description.


On This Page:

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Applications can also be copied by checking the Copy checkbox. The copied application appears in the list with the same name as the original but a different id, allowing applications to be uploaded multiple times. The newly copied application will be independent from the original; any changes you make to the copy won’t affect the original and vice versa.

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Since the newly copied application will be your most recently created application, it will appear at the bottom of the list. When an application is uploaded as a copy, all of the forms, images, locales, and schemas  which were downloaded in the Application zipfile ( will be present in the copy.


Click the icon next to an application's name to delete it. Confirm your choice in the dialog that pops up and the application will be immediately removed. This is an irreversible process so make sure you do not need the application before you delete it. You can always download the application and save it before you delete it.