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The first step to solving this issue is to understand which control(s) are causing this issue. The There are two ways to find the invalid controls:

Method 1

  1. Install the Firebug tool, in the Firefox browser. This tool is a great way to find hidden controls which are invalid or required and empty.
  2. Test your form and enable the firebug tool.
  3. Open firebug's HTML tab and search for all instances of s-invalid using the search box in the tool's top-right corner. This will take you to the HTML of each control in the invalid state. The control's name can be found in that HTML.
  4. Now you can edit your form in the designer, find that control and fix the issue.



If a required control is inside a hidden section, then that section will also be invalid and you will also see s-invalid in the section control's HTML. This s-invalid is not the root cause of your bug. You will have to continue searching with firebug further to get to the actual control inside the section control that is the root cause.

Method 2

  1. Install the Firebug tool, in the Firefox browser.
  2. Test your form and enable the firebug tool.
  3. Click on the Console tab.
  4. Execute this JavaScript function   _frevvo.api.forms.controls.getControlErrors(); Calling this function returns a collection of objects that describe any invalid controls including the control id, control label and the error description. In the image, you can see the reported errors for an Email, Money and Date field that contain invalid data. The controls are inside of a hidden section and are not visible to the user who is trying to Submit/Continue the form/flow.

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Test your form to verify that all your business rules are working as expected. For instance if you have a radio field "Billing address same as Shipping?" and select "no", you would expect the hidden Shipping Address section to become visible and required. Test each form field that has dynamic business rules to verify that they are working as you want. Also remember to test the negative cases, for example if you then click "yes" to the billing address question, make sure the Shipping Address section control becomes hidden and optional again. Note it's very important that hidden controls are not required as discussed above.