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  1. Stop 
     if it is running.
  2. Navigate to <frevvo-home>\tomcat\webapps directory.
  3. Copy the frevvo.war file to a temporary location of your choice: e.g. c:\tmp\frevvo-war. Change the file extension from .war to .zip if necessary.
  4. Edit c:\tmp\frevvo-war\WEB-INF\data\locales\default.
  5. To change the text of the "Access denied. Authentication required" message locate the Error messages section in the file. Notice that the strings on the left side of the '=' have spaces escaped with the '\' character. This is needed so do not remove that. The escape character is not needed on the right side of the '='. Enter the text that you want on the right side of the '='

    Code Block
    # Error messages
    Access\ Denied.\ Authentication\ required.= Please Sign into Live Forms
  6. To change the labels in the Forms designer, locate the Form Designer toolbox section of the file. Enter the labels that you want to display to the right of the '='

    Code Block
    # Form Designer Toolbox
    Palette=Palette Controls
    Custom=My Custom Controls
    Properties=Control Properties    
    Data\ Sources=Schemas
    Drag\ and\ drop\ controls\ from\ the\ form\ into\ the\ header\ above.\ You\ can\ then\ re-use\ them\ in\ other\ forms.=
    Drop\ Submit\ buttons\ from\ the\ palette\ to\ add\ to\ the\ form.=
    Drop\ controls\ from\ the\ palette\ to\ add\ to\ the\ form.=
    Drag\ and\ drop\ controls\ from\ the\ palette\ into\ the\ form.=
    Drag\ and\ drop\ controls\ from\ the\ palette\ or\ from\ the\ form.=
  7. Save the changes to the default file. 
  8. Rezip all the files in the c:\tmp\frevvo-war directory, even the ones you did not edit — if you change directories or zip them differently, Live Forms may not load correctly:

    This is the correct structure for the frevvo.war zipfile.

  9. Make sure you create the zipfile with the directory structure as shown in the image above. It is an easy mistake to include the containing directory in the zipfile. If you do this, Live Forms may not load correctly. Zip will often give your zipfile a .zip extension. Make sure you change this to a .war extension. 

  10. Copy the updated frevvo.war file to <frevvo-home>tomcat\webapps.
  11. Restart your 



    Customized "Access denied. Authentication required" message


    Customized Labels in the Forms Designer