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  1. You have created a small form that has a Name, Address, City, State and Zip Code fields. A mapped W - 4 PDF is included in the form. The Save PDF property is selected and the PDF Name property is configured with the template {Name}.

  2. You want to store the submission files for this form in a directory on your local machine named Submissions. 
  3. You want to create a sub directory for each submission under the Submissions directory. The name of the sub directory is created from the value entered into the Name field on the form
  4. You want to save the form/flow PDF, any mapped PDFs associated with the form, an xml file and any attachments uploaded to the form in the subdirectory. 
  5. Follow these steps to fulfill the requirements by using the doc action Save to Filesystem wizard
    1. Login as a 
    2. Edit your form/flow in the appropriate designer.

    3. Click on the what happens to my data? icon.

    4. Click Save to FileSystem to display the wizard.

  6. To fulfill the requirements listed above, we only need to fill in the URL, Submission Directory and File sections of the wizard. Here is an explanation of the fields:

    1. The URL: this is the URL to the location where you installed the Filesystem Connector. Be sure to include the /filesystem/submission in the URL after you change the sever server and port.

      1. In-house: The location of the Filesystem connector is set for the installation using the frevvo.filesystem.connector.url parameter in the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\conf\Catalina\localhost\frevvo.xml file. It defaults to http://localhost:8082/filesystem in the tomcat build. The <localhost:8082> in the default URL can be changed to the <server:port> where you installed the Filesystem connector in your environment. This is a required field. The value entered here overrides the value in the frevvo.xml file.

      2. Cloud customers will see the placeholder http(s)://host:port/filesystem/submission - enter the https url to the location where you installed your 
        Filesystem Connector.


    2. Submissions Directory - Enter a relative path from the root directory specified by the connector.file.root.dir parameter in the configuration file created above. Control templates are allowed in this field. You can use a control template to store submissions in subdirectories. The template, {Name}, will populate the Template field. Copy the template from the Template field and add it to the Submissions Directory path after the forward or backward slash. Note the forward or backward slash can be used to create subfolders.

    •  if the value of the connector.file.root.dir parameter in the configuration file is "c:\" then entering Submissions in the Submission Directory field in the wizard saves the files in the local directory c:\Submissions.
    1. File Section - One or more types of submission content can be specified by checking the Send Snapshot, Files, Gen Forms and Data checkboxes:
      1. Select the snapshot format to be sent by selecting a choice form the Send Snapshot dropdown. The format choices are PDF, PNG or JPEG.
      2. Check the Files checkbox to send any file attachments uploaded to the form.
      3. Check the Gen Forms checkbox to send the mapped W - 4 PDF.
      4. Check the Data checkbox to send the form XML document for the form.

  7. Click the Submit button.
  8. Click the save and exit icon to save your changes.
  9. Create some submissions by clicking the Test button, filling in the form and clicking submit.
  10. The results of 3 submissions are shown in the image.