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Changes to the HTTP Authentication Credentials can be made by expanding the section:

Tenant from Email Address

The email address entered in this section is used as the from email address for email notifications and doc action emails for forms and workflows in the tenant.  If you want to setup the email address with a user friendly name, enter the text in the Display Name field. You can specify a different from email address for Document Action and Activity Document action emails by entering a valid email address in the from field in both wizards. The values in these fields overrides the address entered on the Edit Tenant screen.


A user designing a form, viewing their task list, or using a form to enter values and submit has a certain number of minutes to complete the activity. This time limit is call the Session Timeout. By default the session will expire after 480 30 minutes of inactivity. When the session expires a designer user will have to re-login to

 to continue designing forms and users filling forms will have to get new form instance and re-enter the values. The tenant admin can override the default session timeout hereby entering a different value in the Session Timeout field. See Session Timeout topic in the Installation & Configuration Guide for full details.