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  • If you are using the frevvo tomcat bundle, you can add the frevvo._data properties in the:
    • <frevvo-home>/tomcat/conf/catalina/localhost/frevvo.xml - this is the easier and recommended location as this file is located outside the frevvo.war.
    • the web.xml file in the frevvo.war - this file is located in the frevvo.war file - the frevvo.war must be unzipped, the changes made and then rezipped. The modified frevvo.war must then be dropped into the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\webapps directory.
    • - this file is typically created by the System Administrator to override parameters in a container web.xml file. This file can be used for any container including tomcat.

This approach is helpful when deploying multiple environments. Let's say your organization has a Development, Production and UAT environment for

.  All three have the frevvo DB Connector configured for that environment. If you make a copy of Production environment and database to create your UAT environment, you would have to download the _data properties file, make the changes to point to the DB Connector in the UAT environment, then upload the file again.