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A new Placeholder property has been added to the textarea properties pane. The Textarea control is the only input control that does not have a decorator.

Do not select a Textarea field as a Searchable Field if the amount of text stored in the field is greater than 32k.

Date, Time, Date/Time

The date control can be used in a form as a date, time or date plus time control. The Control Type property lets you select from a dropdown of choices: date, time or date/time. The designer can choose from a variety of formats for each type. Rules can be applied to the Date/Time control in all variations. See the Rules Examples chapter containing numerous examples and code samples.


Max size is the upper limit for each attachment uploaded to Upload controls in your forms/flow. The internal upper limit is controlled by a configuration parameter - frevvo.attachment.maxsize. In the 

 cloud. It is set to 1 10 Mb. If you enter a value into the control's max attachment size property greater than 
 internal upper limit, you will see an error message displayed on the upload control.

In-house, customers can control the 

 internal upper limit via the frevvo.attachment.maxsize parameter property in the web.xml or frevvo.xml files<frevvo-home>\tomcat\conf\ file. Initially, this value is set to 10485760 bytes. You can also set the max attachment size per user by editing the user's profile as the admin user and editing the Configuration field shown below:


The value in the user profile takes precedence over the configuration parameter. The value in the Max Size property for an Upload control takes precedence over the value in the Max Attachment Size field.  All values must be entered in bytes and cannot exceed the max size configured on the server level. Refer to the Maximum Size for Attachments topic for more information.

Changing the file name of an uploaded attachment in the form/flow submission


Type the text of your message into the textarea in the Message control properties pane. You can add HTML to format your message in this property as well or invoke the Rich Text Editor   which will create the HTML for you.


  1. Upload custom JavaScript to dynamically load custom fonts to each application or to your tenant.

    titleClick here for an example of a tenant custom JavaScript to load the Google Roboto condensed and the trial Century Schoolbook Roman fonts.
    Code Block
    // frevvo custom JavaScript
    var TenantCustomEventHandlers = {
    	fontsLoaded: false,
    	setup: function (el) {
    		if (!this.fontsLoaded) {
    			// Load Roboto Condensed font
    			// Load trial Century Schoolbook.  The following js was generated by myfonts using the
    			// free trial option.  With this you can put markup in message controls like the following:
    			// <h1 style="font-family: 'Century Schoolbook Roman';">Header looks great</h1>
    			(function() {
    		        var trial = document.createElement('script');
    		        trial.type = 'text/javascript';
    		        trial.async = true;
    		        trial.src = '
    		        var head = document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0];
    		    this.fontsLoaded = true;
    	addStyleSheetToDoc: function (href) {
    		// don't load it again if it's already there
    		var ss = document.styleSheets;
    	    for (var i = 0, max = ss.length; i < max; i++) {
    	        if (ss[i].href == href)
    		if (document.createStyleSheet) {
    		} else {
    			var l = document.createElement("link");
    			l.rel = "stylesheet";
    			l.href = href;
  2. Drag and drop a Message Control into your form/flow.
  3. Add the markup and text to the Message property.

    Code Block
    <h1 style="font-family: 'Century Schoolbook Roman';">h1 style - Century Schoolbook Roman</h1>
    <h2 style="font-family:'Roboto', sans-serif">h2 style - Roboto</h2>
  4. Save and test your form/flow.