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The Tasks page lists your saved forms and flows and all the flows pending to be performed by you or pending to be performed by someone with one of your assigned roles. You can:

  • Click the

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    Image Addedicon to manually refresh the Task List. The expanded/contracted state of the refreshed task list will not change.  


    The Task List does not automatically refresh. Users who rely on their Task List instead of Task Notification should manually refresh the list regularly.


  • Click the My Tasks to toggle between an expanded and contracted Task List.
  • Click the Inbox icon to display a non-expanded task list.  
  • Click the Recent icon to see all tasks you acted upon in the past 7 days. The task list is color coded. Tasks with a green background have been submitted, while those with an white background are pending/saved. A red background indicates tasks that have been aborted. The image shows one submitted task, two aborted tasks and two pending tasks.
  • Click the Saved icon to view all tasks currently saved by you
  • Click the icon to search for tasks you have performed in the past
  • Click the  icon to see how to embed your task list in another web page

The Tasks page displays a list of all your pending tasks by form/flow name. For each task you can: