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Workflows do not currently support a print feature. You may notice a print icon in the flow designer toolbar. Designers can click the icon to see a preview of the pdf that will be generated by

for your flow.

You can print information from your workflow by one of the following methods:

  • Add a Summary step to your flow
  • Add a Print button

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It is also possible to add your own print button to any workflow step by adding a message Message control with the following html. Note that a custom print button will print the current step step and not the entire workflow. Also the current step will print even if the step's print property is unchecked.

Code Block
<a onclick="_frevvo.api.forms.printer.printFlowStep(this);" href="#" >Print Flow<Step</a>

The onclick call to _frevvo.api.printFlowStep(this), has been deprecated. Please replace this as shown in the sample above with the onclick call to _frevvo.api.forms.printer.printFlowStep(this);