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You can download the command line binaries and the sources.

Assuming that you have an installation of 

up and running (e.g. http://localhost:8082) and a user account (e.g. admin) in a given tenant (e.g. tutorial), you can run the command-line app here:


Code Block
http://admin@localhost:8080/tutorial> view-xsd
Viewing XML Schema for form Contact Form [rel=schema,type=application/xml; xmlns="",href=http://localhost:8080/frevvo/web/tn/demo/user/demo/app/_lJ8_ERH8EeCl2et9BuDRPg/formtype/_pkMVwBH8EeCl2et9BuDRPg/schema?apikey=ddxut73apg%252FNhRxDMClyxldCETWBw6Sf3UV5zZo5hjobtt58kllmRXA9OroaCiWfSRqrm66ICIW5vpaMStoztA%253D%253D] ...


Here is how the view-xsd command is implemented using the API:



Note that the form that is rendered by the browser is now pre-populated with the data in the XML:


The API code we used to do this goes as follows:


We have used the API here anyway to get you comfortable with using it. However, the power of the API becomes more obvious when providing a more dynamic integration where you want to enable your users to create the forms themselves. One example of such integration is our Confluence plugin: you install the plugin on Confluence and you can create any number of forms, flows in addition to a few other things. In this plugin we are allowing the user to create new forms all seamlessly integrated into Atlassian's Confluence.