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The pagebreaks icon acts as a toggle to display the PageBreak controls in your form. Once you add PageBreaks, then save the form, the PageBreak controls will not be visible in the designer unless you click this icon. Clicking the icon a second time will hide the PageBreak controls again.


  • Add a date control for the Performance Review Date and a dropdown control for the Pay Grade. Click

    • Use a message control for the instruction: "Confirm that the new employee has completed the following:". One way to bold the message text  is to use HTML tags in the message control. For example, the text should be encased in <b>text</b>,  as shown in the image. 

    • Drag a section from the palette and drop it on the canvas. Select the HR role on the section security tab. Add these controls to the section: 

      • Use the T/F control for the policy questions - Drag 6 of them from the palette into the section. Make sure they are below the Message control.  Check the New Line property on the Style tab to get the T/F controls to line up underneath each other.
      • Change the labels of the T/F Controls to: Read Harrassment Harassment Policy, Read Email Policy, Read Confidential Data Policy and Received the Employee Handbook. 
      • Add a Signature control or choose a Signature type from the dropdown on the Security tab of the sectionsave and exit  icon to save the form.