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Before you begin the migration process:

  • Please check the Supported Platforms to confirm the latest requirements.
  • Please read and understand the Planning for v7.4 which may require your action before you begin your upgrade.

Determine Your Upgrade Path

Your Live Forms Version

Recommended Upgrade Path to v7.4.x

6.3.x1Upgrade directly to v7.4.x
7.0.xUpgrade directly to v7.4.x
7.1.xUpgrade directly to v7.4.x
7.2.xUpgrade directly to v7.4.x
7.3.xUpgrade directly to v7.4.x

Note: Upgrades from

6.3.9 - 6.3.12 to v7.4.x are supported but these versions are not available for general release.

Please follow the instructions on this page, to perform your upgrade.

Table of Contents