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The Visual Rules Builder enables non-technical designers to add dynamic behaviors to a form/flow. Here are several behaviors that you can create:

  • Show/Hide a Control(s) based on a specified condition
  • Show/Hide Steps in a flow based on the step that the flow is currently executing
  • Dynamically setting default values and control properties such as valid, printable, required and more.
  • Compute a Subtotal and Total

  • Populate fields with the logged in user’s information

  • Concatenate field data

  • Populate a Date field when the user signs

and much more....

The Rule Examples chapter shows you how to use the Visual Rule Builder to create common rules for real world situations.  W
 Watch this webinar for an overview of how to create dynamic forms/flows without writing code.


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Rule Builder walks you thru through three easy steps to define your condition and actions.


Lookup Mode is triggered as you enter text in the Value fields of the wizards.

Help Mode

Help mode sows shows help text for the function in the dropdown area. The help information includes:


Future Releases of the Visual Rule Builder

This is version 1 of the Rule Builder. More common rule patterns will be available in future releasesWe’re constantly working on improving our product to reduce the need to write code. Making JavaScript rules easier is one of the highest priority items.


This version of the Visual Rule Builder does not currently support screenflows that use the Navigation toolbar to move back and forth between screenflow steps.


The Rule Examples chapter shows you how to use the Visual Rule Builder to create common rules for real world situations

titleClick here for Example 1

Example 1:

You are designing a weekly Time Sheet that has fields where the user must enter the From and To dates for the reporting period.

Rule Requirement: If the date entered in Period To is equal to or earlier than the date entered in Period From field show this error message "Must be after From Date"

The Condition and Action wizards for this rule are show in the image.

This is how the rule displays in the Rule Builder tab.

If the user enters 3/7/2017 or a date before 3/7/2017 in the Period To field the error message displays.




titleClick here for Example 3

Let's take a look at a simple example. Imagine a form with 3 fields named Name, Status and Money.

Rule Requirement: If the Name field contains "John" and the Status field contains "satisfied" then populate the Money field with 50000.00 else populate the Money field with 1000.00.

One way to write this rule in JavaScript is to use nested if statements:





If you are using the Visual Rule Builder to achieve the same result, you will have to add two rules: