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documentation. Please review the End of Life Policy below.

Live Forms In-house Downloads

Download the latest

GA Release or one of the patch releases. 


Download LinkRelease Notes
Latest - v9.0.17 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes
v9.0.16 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes
v9.0.15 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes
v9.0.14 tomcat bundleNot available for download at this time.Release Notes
v9.0.13 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes
v9.0.12 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes
v9.0.11 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes
v9.0.10 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes
v9.0.9 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes
v9.0.8 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes
v9.0.7 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes
v9.0.6 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes
v7.4.20 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes
v7.4.19 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes
v7.4.18 tomcat bundle


Release Notes
v7.4.17 tomcat bundle


Release Notes
v7.4.16 tomcat bundleDownload Release Notes
v7.4.15 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes
v7.4.13 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes
v7.4.12 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes
v7.4.11 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes
v7.4.10 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes
v7.4.9 tomcat bundle


Release Notes
v7.4.8 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes
v7.4.7 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes
v7.4.6 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes
v7.4.5 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes
v7.4.4 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes
v7.4.3 tomcat bundleDownloadRelease Notes

Older versions may no longer be supported by frevvo. Please see our End of Life Policy.

Connector Downloads


frevvo Connectors are an Add-On feature with additional costs.

Database Connector

Download the Database Connector that is compatible with your 

server version.

  1. In order to run the Database Connector v2.5.4 you must upgrade to

    v7.4.x. v2.5.4 was not certified with earlier

Filesystem Connector

Download the Filesystem Connector that is compatible with your 

server version.

  1. In order to run the Filesystem Connector v1.1.1 you must upgrade to
    v7.4.x. FSC v1.1.1 was not certified with earlier
  2. Filesystem Connector v1.3.0 enables integration with Square 9 Softworks GlobalSearch® ECM Software.

Google Connector

Download the Google Connector that is compatible with your 

server version.

  1. Version 3.0+ is required to use Google Connector after March 3, 2020. Due to a Google API upgrade, prior connectors will no longer work. Google Connector v3.0+ must be used with Live Forms v9. See the Release Notes for more information.

ImageSilo/PVE Connector

server version.

 Live Forms Server VersionPVE ConnectorDocumentation
v9.0.x and CloudPVE v.5.6.1Install & Configure
v9.0.xPVE v.5.6.0Install & Configure
v7.4.xPVE v5.5.0Install & Configure

SharePoint Connector

Download the SharePoint Connector that is compatible with your 

server version.

Confluence Add-On

Review the complete compatibility matrix for supported versions of Live Forms, the frevvo Confluence add-on and the Confluence Server. Downloads for all versions of the frevvo Confluence add-on are available on the

Confluence Add-on Atlassian Marketplace.

Confluence Server Version
Server Version
frevvo Add-on VersionDocumentation
v7.4.xv9.0.17v5.5.0Install & Configure


v7.4.x - v9.0.xv5.4.0Install & Configure
v6.5.x - v6.6.xv7.4.xv5.4.0Install & Configure

.NET and Java Client API

Download the .NET or Java Client API that is compatible with your 

server version.

Server Version
.NET Client Library Version.NET DocumentationJava Client Library VersionJava Client Documentation
v7.4.0 -v9.0.xv7.2.1FAQ - .NET Client APIIncluded in In-house server downloadFAQ - Java Client API

We strongly recommend that you always use the latest version of the frevvo data API client libraries.

  • To use the latest client library version you also MUST upgrade to the compatible latest
    server version. Make sure you keep the compatible version in sync.
  • The Java Client Library is part of the
    In-house download. The library files are located in the <installdrive>:\frevvo\ext\client directory.
  • The latest version of the Data API .Net Client library can be downloaded by clicking the appropriate version link in the Release Compatibility table

End of Life Policy

frevvo supports major versions for two years after the first GA release date. For some releases, the End of Life Date may be extended. Documentation for

versions (in red - beginning with v5.1) that are no longer supported is available on our
frevvo Documentation Directory. Cloud Only releases are no longer available/supported once they are replaced by subsequent releases.

Initial GA Release

End of Life Date

v9.2.xApril 18, 2020N/A Cloud Only
9.0.xOctober 16, 2019October 16, 2021
7.4.xJanuary 7, 2018June 30, 2020
7.3.xSeptember 2, 2017September 2, 2019
7.2.xApril 29, 2017April 29,2019
7.1.xDecember 18, 2016December 18, 2018
7.0.xJuly 23, 2016July 23, 2018
6.3.xFebruary 13, 2016February 13, 2018
6.2.xOctober 31, 2015October 31, 2017
6.1.xDecember 23, 2014January 29, 2017
5.3.xJune 4, 2014June 4, 2016
5.1.xJune 1, 2013June 6, 2015
4.1.xDecember 12, 2010October 5, 2014
3.4July 9, 2009July 9, 2011

Retired Features

Feature RetiredRetired on Date/VersionMore Info
TLS 1.0/1.1 EncryptionMay 26, 20201View Support Article
ImageSilo/PVE Connectorv10.0.0View Support Article
Box Connectorv9.0.0Release Notes
  1. An alternate license pinging server is available until September 25, 2020. Customers must take action directed in support article to maintain access to frevvo.