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  1. Create a generic production user (ex: “production@<your tenant>”) and give this user the frevvo.Designer role. All your production forms/flows will be in this user account.


    If you are using a non-default security manager, this step and the next step would be done via your IDP software.

  2. Assign the frevvo.Publisher role to one or more other users.
  3. When a designer is ready to deploy a form/flow/application for production or update one already in production, the designer will download the form/flow/application zipfile and check it into a source code repository (outside of a frevvo server).
  4. A user with the frevvo.Publisher role will check-out the new form/flow/application from the source code repository (outside of a frevvo server) and upload/replace the form/flow/application into the generic production user account.