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  1. Ensure the visibility of your Expense Report flow is set to public in tenant and that it is deployed to production: 

  2. Click on the Spaces Tab. Click the icon. Enter an id and name for your space. Click Create. 
  3. Click the  Share icon. Copy the share url for your space then logoff 

  4. Paste the space url into another browser or a new tab of the browser you are using. Login  as tom@<your tenant name>.
     automatically makes your application a tab on the space menu and your Leave Approval Workflow an option on the menu under the tab. Your space should look something like this:

  5. Click on the tab for your application and then click on the Leave Approval workflow. This brings you to the first step in your flow. The workflow automatically has a navigation bar to indicate which step you are currently in as well as the next steps that are coming. 

  6. Fill in the fields in the 1st step, remember to sign and click the Send to Manager button to route the workflow to the next step - manager Manager for approval.

  7. Tom should see the customized pending message that you set up on the manager activity in the workflow. 

  8. Logout of your space then login to the space as the manager jerry - jerry@<your tenant>.
  9. Click on the Important Items tab, then click the Task List. Jerry will see the pending Leave Approval request from Tom. Note the Task information that we set up on step 2 of the flow using the template - Leave Approval for {EmployeeName} 
  10. Click the Perform icon to display the task. Notice Manager Jerry sees the Employee Information section filled in by Tom and the Manager Approval section so he can approve or reject the request.
  11. The manager name and email fields are populated by our business rule. 
  12. Add a comment and sign the section.


  13. Click the customized Send to HR button. The pending message that you set up on the HR step of the workflow displays.

  14. Logout of your space and login as sue@<your tenant>.
  15. Click on the Important Items tab and then on the Task List. The pending task for the HR department displays. Note Sue, the HR employee, sees the Employee Information section, the Manager Approval section and the HR section. 

  16. Click the Finish button to complete the workflow. The flow's configured form action message displays. 

  17. Logout of your