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The audit trail will log an entry each time the workflow navigates to a different user and each time the current user saves the flow. The audit trail will log a single entry when the same user performs multiple steps. You can configure the Save on Navigate feature if you want to see an entry in the Audit Trail each time the flow navigates to a different step even if they are performed by the same user.

Anonymous Steps and the Audit Trail

Workflows designed with an Email/Anonymous Task step will show the task in a WAITING state.

Workflows that assign the step to an Email Address show the step performed by the customer (anonymous user) in a Pending state and displays the Email address it was sent to.

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View My Task

Users logged into

 are able to view workflow steps that they performed by clicking on the icon in the Audit trail. When you are viewing your task, you may notice the read-only view watermark. This is to remind you that you can view the information but can not make changes to it.