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Adding the First Step to a Workflow


  • The Flow Designer canvas displays the flow in a flow chart like format. The arrows are drawn automatically as the step is dropped on the canvas. This graphical rendering clearly emphasizes the process and flow routing and makes the designer more intuitive.
  • Adding a pre-condition in the Precondition tab, automatically represents the precondition it as a decision box (yellow diamond). The precondition is part of the step that follows it. Clicking on the Precondition cog icon in the yellow diamond is one way to go directly to the Precondition tab for editing.

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If the following properties are selected in your form, they will be unchanged when you drag and drop this form into a flow as one of the steps:


  • Save/Load
  • Task Info
  • Allow Sign Pad
  • Printable


  • Orientation

Adding or Moving Workflow Steps

Help to determine the drop target is provided when dragging and dropping new steps from the Palette or moving existing steps.  As you move a step over existing ones, the step that is the drop target will show a flashing green "bulls eye" Image Added to indicate the exact place where the step is to be placed.  You cannot drop between a step and its precondition diamond.

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