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    • {task.list.url} - The special template {task.list.url} can be used in the email body to generate a clickable link to the user's 
      server task list. Users will be taken to their Task List in your tenant after logging into

      Here is an example of the link that is generated: 


    • {task.perform.url} - This is a URL template to the specific task in question (popupform URL).  This is the default.
      Clicking this link from the email on a desktop, shows the form/flow rendered in an iframe (similar to clicking Test). Clicking this link on a mobile device shows the mobile rendering (no iframe).
      Clinking a link in an email created with this template satisfies the Perform By or Perform Within requirement when setting up Escalations.

      Here is an example of the link generated in the email

      Consider an Employee On Boarding flow where the manager receives a task notification email to approve or reject the screen flow submitted by the new employee. If this built in template is used, the manager step in the flow displays when the link is clicked without having to access it from the Task List.