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now enables universal access to e-forms and workflows on tablets and smart phones in addition to desktop support on all standard browsers. iOS 6 devices, iPad and iPhone, running mobile safari are supported. This tutorial will incorporate several
features into an Employee On Boarding workflow. For example;

  • Touch screen wet signature - the new employee can sign to verify the information using their finger or a pointer.
  • Take advantage of device specific capabilities - you will see the correct date picker and keyboards pop-up on your mobile device
  • Screen Flows - ability to further divide a screen flow into sections that better lend themselves to an iPad or iPhone using the PageBreak control
  • Ability to upload an existing image or a picture taken with the device camera to the e-form
  • Use the iPad's location services to fill in the address
  • Spaces that render in a device specific manner - support swipe gestures and customized icons
  • Enhanced Task List for mobile devices
  • Quick Approval feature - allows quick review of a task by the appropriate person with accept/reject buttons
  • Generate an additional Pixel Perfect PDF for the federal W - 4 form. It is important to note here that there is no limit on the number of PDFs that can be generated. For example, you can collect the information in your form once and then use it to fill in an unlimited amount of pdfs for the new employee i.e. -the federal W - 4 and the I - 9.

  You can download this tutorial as a PDF.

Please view the New Employee On Boarding video for an introduction to some of the exciting features we will be using in this tutorial.

We estimate about 2.5 to 3.0 hours for an experienced

designer to complete this tutorial. It may take up to 4.0 hours if you are a new user. 


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Table of Contents

What are we going to build?

 workflow is a series of routed forms that can now run on all devices including the iPhone and the iPad. In this tutorial, we will create a workflow that can be used when onboarding a new employee joining your company. There will be three participants: the new employee, the new employee's manager and an employee that works for the company HR department. The new employee will complete four forms: Employee Information, W-4 Allowances, Education History and will have an opportunity to confirm the entered data with their signature on a Confirmation form by reviewing a W  - 4 generated pdf. These four forms are referred to as a screen flow. A screen flow consists of steps in a workflow that are performed by the same person. The new employee will complete the screen flow from an iPad and the task will be sent to the new employee's manager for approval. The approval step will be performed on an iPhone using the Quick Approval feature. Once the task is approved, it will go to the HR department for finalization and storage. This tutorial will cover the following: