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The initial release of

Version 8.0 will be was deployed to the frevvo Cloud on 12/115/2018. A future release will be available for in-house customers.


v8.0 contains new features that improve usability and makes designing forms/flows easier.

Here are a few of the new features included in this Cloud Only release. 

New Features:

  • It is no longer necessary to enter a single space in a Message control that is used as a spacer in a form/flow. Message controls can now be set to an empty string.

  • Doc Action post failures now include the Server name.

  • The Apache Tomcat version in the Live Forms cloud has been upgraded to 8.5.32. [TIP-22951]

  • Visual Rule Builder now generates code for itemAdded itemAdded if a rule contains repeating controls. [TIP-23061]

  • Template syntax expanded to force 
     to use the value instead of the label in the Options URL for Selection Controls. [TIP-21788], (#21830)
  • Flow designer functionality is not supported in the Internet Explorer 11 browser. [TIP-23110]


On This Page:

Table of Contents



  1. Login to your Production tenant or the user account where your Production forms/flows are located.
  2. Ensure there are no flows in flight for the workflow you want to update.
  3. Download the workflow from your Production tenant or Production designer account.

  4. Upload it into a different application in your test tenant or designer test account

  5. Edit the existing Email/Anonymous Task step.

  6. Click the Edit Step Properties icon. Click on the Assignment tab.
  7. Copy the information in the Assign to Email, Task Notification Subject and Message fields. Paste this information to a text pad and save to your desktop. Click Cancel.
  8. Click on the step following the Email/Anonymous Step. (the step performed by the anonymous user)
  9. Click the Edit Step Properties icon. Click on the Assignment tab.
  10. Paste the information you copied in step 7 into the Assign to Email, Task Notification Subject and Message fields.
  11. If the Message field contains the {task.notify.url} template, change it to {task.perform.url} or {task.list.url}.
  12. Click Submit.
  13. Delete the Email/Anonymous Task step from the workflow.
  14. Save and Test the workflow.
  15. To replace the production workflow with the updated flow, download the updated flow from your test tenant or designer test account.
  16. Upload the updated workflow to your Production tenant. Be sure to check the checkbox to REPLACE an existing flow with the same ID. The checkbox to use existing schemas is checked automatically.


Log Messages with Log Message property names that include a . (period) are difficult to filter with cloud watch filters. Properties have been renamed to include the _ (underscore) instead of the . (period) i.e. = tenant_id.

frevvo Cloud log messages now include session information such as, and (formtype or flowtype). This additional information can be extremely helpful when troubleshooting errors particularly in the frevvo cloud environment.

Java exceptions during rule execution are now logged to help with troubleshooting.

Visual Rule Builder and Rules with Repeat or Table Controls

The Visual Rule Builder now adds the itemAdded code to a rule that references Repeat or Table control controls. The itemAdded code is needed to guarantee that the rule runs when the user clicks the Plus icon to ad add a Repeating Section or a row. This code will be added to rules with/without conditions. It will not be added if the Initialization Only box is checked. Here is an example of a rule created using the Visual Rule Builder, that makes a Repeat Control visible when a text field starts with a.