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  It is no longer a requirement to set the Form/Flow Visibility Who can start the form/flow permission to Anyone (No login required) - called Public in previous releases. The anonymous step will work with any of the Form/flow Visibility choices.

Designers can now reject design a workflow that rejects to an Anonymous step. See below.

The Modify a Task feature now allows Tenant/flow administrators to reassign an anonymous step to a different email address.

Existing workflows, created with Email/Anonymous steps, will continue to work after the upgrade to v8.0. However, the ability to reassign an anonymous step to a different email address or rejection to an anonymous step are not available for workflows created with these types of steps. Please review Migrating Flows with EMAIL/Anonymous Task Steps for information to manually migrate these flows to take advantage of the new features.

Migrating Flows with Anonymous Steps

Designing a workflow with a step that is performed by a non-authenticated user (anonymous) was were created in previous versions, have by dragging/dropping an Email/Anonymous stepPrior to V8, you had to drag in a separate Email (Anonymous) Step and configure it separately in your workflow. Step from the Flow Designer Palette and configuring it with an email address. The step that followed the Email/Anonymous Step was the actual form that the recipient would see. This design approach was confusing and error prone. 

It would send an email and advance the workflow to the following step which was the actual form that the recipient would see.

  1. Support old flows at run-time and editing at design time i.e.
  2. Old flows are deprecated and will be supported for a limited number of releases. We need to mark such flows.
  3. Ensure there are no flows in flight and manually convert old flow by merging its configuration and deleting the anonymous task Make sure the task template in the Task Notification email is task.perform.url
  4. The new features of reassignment and reject will not be available to flows with EWN.
  5. The safest approach would be to copy the flow and make the change (manual versioning)