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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Field id="LF__User" length="-1" type="string">
<Field id="my_name" length="-1" type="string">
<Value>{&quot;First Name&quot;:&quot;Arnold&quot;,&quot;Last Name&quot;:&quot;Smith&quot;}</Value>
<Field id="Address" length="-1" type="string">
<Value>34 Some Street
New City</Value>
<Field id="EMPLOYMENTDATE" length="-1" type="string">
<Field id="State" length="-1" type="string">
<Field id="LF__Document" length="-1" type="document">
<Value>c:\Submissions\Arnold Smith\form.xml</Value>
<Value>c:\Submissions\Arnold Smith\Letter of Recommendation 1.docx</Value>
<Value>c:\Submissions\Arnold Smith\Arnold Smith.pdf</Value>
<Value>c:\Submissions\Arnold Smith\W - 4 for Smith</Value>


The Filesystem connector logfile defaults to INFO loglevel. To Filesystem Connector does not log an DEBUG level messagesThe Filesystem Connector generates it's own logfile. Typically, the log is first place to look for information when an issue is encountered. Information about the logfile and some Some common issues with solutions are listed below.

Filesystem Connector Logfile

If you are using the frevvo tomcat bundle, the Filesystem Connector log is located in <frevvo-home>\tomcat\logs. The logfile is named filesystem-connector.YYYY-MM-DD.log. Generating separate logfiles make it much easier to search for errors when troubleshooting connector issues. The connector is designed to use the file.


Doc Post Failure

If the destination for saving submissions that you have specified cannot be reached, all users with the tenant admin role or a flow admin (if configured) will receive an Doc Post Failure notification email reporting an HTTP Status error - 404.