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Say you want users to be able to enter one or more addresses, phone numbers, or other data. With repeating controls, your form can dynamically display as many controls as a user needs rather than always showing extra input controls that may not be needed. You can write a business rule to allow only certain number of items based on user input.

Repeat controls  do do not have a label. You can identify a repeat control in the designer by the palette icon for a repeat seen on top-left header. Repeats are assigned a name by default i.e.Repeat96


You can have multiple controls inside a repeat. To do this, first add your controls to a section control, and then drag the section into the repeat control. Only one section is allowed inside a Repeat control.


If you need to add more controls to the section, you must first drag the section back out of the repeat. Add the additional controls, and then drag the section back into the repeat. Panels are the exception: you can drop a panel into a section without first dragging the section out of the repeat