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Configuring the Save on Navigate feature enables the screenflow to be completed in multiple sessions.


Let's consider a Job Application workflow with the following requirements:

  • The workflow is going to be performed by anonymous users. Anonymous users do not sign in to
  • The anonymous user receives an email that includes a link to the workflow.
  • The workflow must collect a lot of information from the applicant: Contact Information, Education and Employment history, References and more. You can create one long form or design a screenflow with an Anonymous Task step and subsequent steps as separate screens to collect the information.
  • The user must have the option to compete the screenflow in multiple sessions. Clicking on the email link takes the user back to the last step in the screenflow where the Continue button was clicked. 
  • The user must be able to navigate back to previous steps to review or update information that was previously entered.
Flow Designer
  • The Save on Navigate checkbox is checked and the Navigation Toolbar is configured on the Flow Property Panel
  • Step 1 of the screenflow has a field named EmailAddress that collects the applicant's email address.
  • Step 2 is assigned to an email addressa template - {EmailAddress}. This is the first step that is performed by the anonymous user.
  • All remaining steps in the screenflow are designed to collect the applicant's information: Contact Info, Education and Employment history, references etc. Remember, the anonymous user does not login to perform these steps so they cannot have a role, dynamic role or user property assigned to them.

The image shows an example of a possible screenflow design:

Use Mode

Anonymous users return to a previous step by clicking on the Navigation Toolbar if the workflow contains a screenflow performed by an anonymous user.


 If the user doesn't complete the application in one session, the link in the email can be clicked again. The frevvo form server keeps the partially filled form in-memory with a "bookmark" at the current step. When the user clicks the link in the email) to get back to it, the form will reload at the bookmark. The in-memory form lives for a period hours/days depending on how the admin setup the frevvo account.


The visibility field has been removed from the flow property pane in the Live Forms Flow designer. Flow Visibility is selected via the Access Control List wizard. You can access the wizard by clicking on the  icon for your flow on the Flows Home Page . If you are in the flow designers, click the icon in the toolbar to display the wizard. Flow Visibility has the same meaning as Visibility for forms. The one exception is the custom option which is not provided for flows. The default value for flows is Public in Tenant.