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Topaz Electronic Signature Pad

If you have a Wet signature control in your forms/flows, you may prefer to  use a device to capture a hand-written signature instead of the mouse or a touch screen. The Topaz Electronic Signature Pad is one such device that is now supported in


Topaz devices are only supported for desktop workstations/laptops running the Windows Operating system. It is not supported for

on mobile devices.

Forms and flows can be made accessible to help individuals with visual and motor impairment. The Topaz Signature Pad works well when used in a form/flow designed for  accessibility.

There are many models of electronic signature pads. You can find more information on the Topaz website.

currently supports the Topaz "Standard"  and "LCD" signature pads and has been tested on frevvo supports/certifies the following models:

  • Model T-LBK462-HSB-R
  • Model T-S460-B-R

A unit with -HSB or -BSB suffix on the model number is recommended for machines that only have USB ports.

The Topaz Electronic Signature pad works with a standalone

Wet Signature control and when the Wet Signature control is configured in a signed section.

You can still use the mouse or touch screen to sign if a Topaz Signature pad is installed on your system.

In order to use a Topaz signature pad with a particular laptop or workstation, driver and web api software modules must be installed before connecting the device to your computer. Refer to the instructions below.