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Fields in form B can also be initialized with data from form A using Url Parameters. Imagine form A contains a from palette text control labeled 'Customer Name' with Name property set to 'custName'. And form B has a palette text control labeled 'Full Name' with Name properity property set to 'fname'. Using either Form Action Go to Url or Post with the URL set Use one of these Form Actions:

  • Forward users to a web page of your choice
  • Post data and forward users to a web page

Set the URL to that of Form B, append &_data=(fname:'{custName}') and when form B loads it's 'Full Name' field will be set to the value entered into form A's 'Customer Name' field. You can use the Email/Web Page Link or the Raw Form Link.

See initializing via _data Url Parameters in the Initializing Forms with Data section for more details on using _data.