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  • If you leave the roles column blank in the csv file you are using for updates, the existing roles for that user will be deleted. Be sure to add the roles relevant to the users you are updating so the existing roles are not cleared.
  • The warning messages "Update of user failed"  or "Users Loaded successfully with some issues. See detailed results for details." is no longer displayed if users in the csv file you are uploading do not have any roles assigned to them. 
  • Customers who have automated csv uploads via the API (set up on versions earlier than v9.0) should be aware that passwords are no longer supported in csv upload and will be ignored.

CSV Upload Considerations

The manual CSV upload has some considerations you should be aware of, especially if you need to upload a large number of users/roles. 

  • The CSV upload can handle up to 1,000 rows in a given upload action. If you need to upload a large number of users, we recommend breaking them up into multiple CSVs of 1,000 users or fewer.
    • Return to the Manage Users page and click Image Added Upload Users again after each successful upload operation.
  • The "Reports To" column can only contain existing users. You should upload all of your users first, then re-upload the CSV(s) with the Reports To column filled.
  • If you have a large number of users, the Manage Users page may display a user count of -1. This is a known issue we plan to resolve in a future release.


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