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Form/Flow Templates can be permanently removed from the database or forms can be added to the new form wizard which appears every time you create a new form by clicking the icon on the Forms Home Page. Login as the tenant admin. Click Manage Form/Flow Templates or Home then Templates on the left sidebar. You can locate your published templates by clicking on FormsFlows by Category or Forms/Flows by Tag.Click on the category or tag to display the  

You will see the list of published forms .The Form/Flows by Category and the Form/Flows by Tag display the list of matching templates in a table . The table provides with the following information: 

  • The name of the form/flow template and it's form/flow ID i.e.ID: _J1XuIGF9EemFgY-aI39GrA.
  • The description of the form/flow template that was entered when it was published.
    • The tenant admin can test the template by clicking  (the Try icon)— the template displays as a fully functional form so you can enter and validate data before deciding whether you want to use it. Note the Try count in the Counts column will increase each time the Try icon is clicked.
    • The Create icon adds the template to an application by selecting it from the dropdown.
    • The tenant admin clicks the icon to remove the form/flow template from the database.
    • If the published form is not added to the New Form  Wizard, clicking the icon will add it. Notice Add to Wizard changes to Remove from Wizard. Click this to remove the form template from the wizard. The New Form wizard is only available for Forms.
  • The type of template - Form or Flow.
  • The tags associated with the template when it was published.
  • The categories the template was assigned to when it was published.
  • The Install and download counts will increase each time an Installable template (selected by the frevvo global template administrator) is downloaded/installed from the frevvo website. The Try count increases each time the Try icon is clicked.
  • The time/date when the template was published and the user id@<tenant name> who published it.


Forms/Flows By Category

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Forms/Flows By Tag

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This is how the New Form Wizard looks after the Expense Report, Vacation Request and Consultant Time Sheet templates forms are added.
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Manage Control Templates

Control Templates, added by designers in a tenant, can be deleted from the database by the tenant admin. Click Manage Control Templates on the tenant admin page or navigate to Templates > Controls by Category or Templates > Controls by Tags on the tenant admin Home page. There  There you will see the list of published controls and can remove them one by one.

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