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There are many paths to Rome.... frevvo suggests the following best practices for managing your tenants, applications, forms and flows.

Table of Contents


frevvo In-house Test/Staging Server Installations

Multiple Live Forms frevvo server installations are the most flexible and best practice for maintaining a production environment. In this scenario, you may have a development server, a test/staging server and a production server. Or you may have only a development server also used for testing and a production server for deployed forms/flows.



The tenants in your development and production environments may have the same name although this is not required.


frevvo In-house Single Server Installations

We recommend that all in-house customers with a single server have two tenants: a development/test tenant and a production tenant. A separate development/test tenants is recommended for the following reasons:


  • The only way to guarantee the same behavior for both tenants is to configure both with the same security manager.
  • Each tenant should point to it’s own instance of your security manager.
  • For example if you are using LDAP, a development LDAP domain with a set of LDAP groups that are EXACTLY the same as your production LDAP domain is suggested. This way flows can be moved from your development tenant to your production tenant and workflow navigation w/roles is guaranteed to work correctly.
  • The generic production user account (ex: "production") must be created in your IDP (LDAP, Azure, SAML).