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Configure HTTP Authorization Credentials

Live forms frevvo offers a user interface to specify credentials to external secure web services that are accessed by the forms/flows in your tenant.  For example, if you have a rule that connects to a web service or a Form/Doc action that posts to a web service that is not publicly accessible, credentials can be configured for the services in each of your tenants.


A Tenant admin can login directly to Live Forms frevvo or login with a user id who has been given tenant admin permissions in your Active Directory. Tenants using the LDAP(s) Security Manager now have the ability to configure a built-in admin account. This was not possible for this Security Manager in previous releases.

When you create a new tenant, you are prompted to set up a tenant admin user id, password and email address. This tenant admin does not authenticate via your LDAP IDP. It only exists in Live Formsfrevvo. If you experience an issue with your LDAP configuration such that you can't login as an Active Directory authenticated user, use this account provides  to login to your tenant as a tenant admin in order to fix your configuration issue. The built-in admin is able to access the

tenant admin functions if your LDAP Server should become inaccessible. Only one built-in tenant admin account is supported.