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The rules for he Upload Contorl are not yet supported in the Visual Rules Builder and thus still requires some JavaScript.


If you set the upload control's value property to null (i.e. uploadcontrol.value = null;) via a business rule, the uploaded files will be removed in the UI but not in the submission. If you have "Attachments" checked on Activity Doc Action or Doc Action Emails, the uploaded files will still be sent. A feature to delete uploaded files may be available in a future release. 

Display Uploaded Image

A rule can dynamically display an image uploaded to your form via the upload control. In this example the upload control is named 'u'. The form also must contain a message control as a place holder for displaying the uploaded image. The rule dynamically creates a URL to the uploaded image in the

temporary attachment repository. The upload control's value 'u.value' is a GUID that uniquely identifies the attachment. The uploaded image will be included in the submission PDF.