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Complex Templates for Workflow Routing and Escalations


When you are setting up step Assignments or Escalations for workflows, you can assign a user/role template where only part of the text is inside the curly brackets - {}. This is best explained with a simple example using roles for workflow routing.

Let's say the roles in your organization are floor-manager, sales-manager and store-manager. Of course, these role names and users assigned these roles must exist in your tenant. Your form has a dropdown control named roles with these options: floor, sales, store. Users select the first part of the role from the dropdown. The suffix -manager is typed in after the role template in the Assignment tab to create the complex template - (floor-manager, sales-manager, store-manager). The workflow step with the complex template assigned will navigate to the appropriate role.

A partial match template lookup is available on the Assignment and Escalations tabs to select the complex template from dropdown options.

We will assign the {role}-manager on the Assignment tab of a workflow as an example:

  1. Type the control name of the template surrounded by curly brackets - in our example - {role}

  2. Type the dash - followed by manager. The {role}-manager appears in the dropdown

  3. Click on it to select. Click Finish to save the changes to the Assignment tab then click the Image Modifiedsave and exit to save the changes to the flow.

  4. Test the flow. Select floor in the role dropdown. The assigned workflow step will navigate to all the users in your tenant with the role of floor-manager.

Image Modified

The partial lookup works with users/roles and prefixes/suffixes in the users/role names.

Template Syntax for the Comment Field of Selection Controls


The commentValue syntax in the template will also work i.e. substitute {Products.commentValue} instead of {Products.comment}. Both properties are supported for templates.


The special syntax that is required is discussed below.



Any templatized property that references a value to be supplied by _data (either the uploaded _data file or the _data url parameter) that is not also a control name will result in a non-fatal validation error. In this situation, the designer can either ignore the error or, if the validation is for a form/flow or flow step property that prevents saving the properties, add a hidden control of the same name so that validation passes.