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When designing a form with an electronic wet signature control, the captured signature is attached to the form submission as a PNG image attachment. Any Live Forms frevvo document actions affecting the form data includes the signature png image. For example, should you choose to post the data to your web application, then the signature png is part of that posted data. Should you choose to email the data, the signature png will be attached to the email. Finally, should you choose none of these things, then the captured signature png is available for downloading by browsing your submissions within

. See Submissions Stored Inside of frevvo for the details.


Clicking on the Sign this section button, displays the signature entry lightbox shown in the image below provided an external signature device is not configured. See Signature control for details on its operation. Note that the signature image is scaled appropriately.The user will have to re-sign in order to re-lock the section.



Topaz Electronic Signature Pad

If you have a Wet signature control in your forms/flows, you may prefer to  use a device to capture a hand-written signature instead of the mouse or a touch screen. The Topaz Electronic Signature Pad is one such device that is now supported in


Topaz devices are only supported for desktop workstations/laptops running the Windows Operating system. It is not supported for

on mobile devices.

Forms and flows can be made accessible to help individuals with visual and motor impairment. The Topaz Signature Pad works well when used in a form/flow designed for  accessibility.

There are many models of electronic signature pads. You can find more information on the Topaz website. frevvo supports/certifies the following models:

  • Model T-LBK462-HSB-R
  • Model T-S460-B-R

A unit with -HSB or -BSB suffix on the model number is recommended for machines that only have USB ports.

The Topaz Electronic Signature pad works with a standalone

Wet Signature control and when the Wet Signature control is configured in a signed section.

You can still use the mouse or touch screen to sign if a Topaz Signature pad is installed on your system.

In order to use a Topaz signature pad with a particular laptop or workstation, driver and web api software modules must be installed before connecting the device to your computer. Refer to the instructions below.



Consider a three step workflow used by officers to obtain a blood warrant from a judge. Step one is performed by the arresting police officer and requires a signature. In the harsh environment of a police station or jail. the Topaz Electronic Signature Pad is a good inexpensive and sturdy option. Step two is performed by a judge who accesses the flow from a mobile device. Step 2 is not configured for the signature pad. When the judge completes Step 2 and signs, the flow is routed back to the police officer who performs the third step and signs using the signature tablet again.


frevvo and the Topaz Signature Pad at Runtime

Here's how it works:

Forms and steps of a flow that have the Allow Sign Pad property checked at design time display the signature dialog shown in the image when a Wet Signature control or a signed section that contains a Wet Signature control is encountered:


If you see the error shown below, check your software/hardware installation.