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The submissions repository can store your form data in three ways -- as data values; as an xml document; as a pdf form image. By default for efficiency, data is only stored as xml. If you plan to export your form data to an Excel spreadsheet or plan to view your form data in the submission detail view you must configure your form to save the data field values. See the documentation for setting up key/saved fields.


By default the submission table displays columns for submission time/date, state, Age/Duration, Lock User and Lock Date. These columns are explained in the table below:

FieldFormattedDefault ColumnDescription
SubmittedDate/timeYesTime/date of the submission
StateTextYesSubmission status: SUBMITTED, PENDING, ABORTED, SAVED, ERROR WAITING. This column displays the submission types selected in the State
Age/DurationDays, Hours, MinutesYesFor completed submissions (State=Submitted) this is the time interval for how long it was in process - from the first incomplete submission (Pending, saved, etc.) until it reached SUBMITTED status. If the submission is currently incomplete (i.e. SAVED, PENDING or WAITING), then the time interval shows how long has it been in process so far (Age).
Lock User IDTextYesIf the submission is currently locked (and not SUBMITTED), this is the user id who has it locked.
Lock DateDate/TimeYesIf the submission is currently locked (and not SUBMITTED), this is the time/date when it was locked.

The submitter is the Live Forms user ID of the logged in tenant user submitting the form or blank if the form was submitted by an anonymous user. The version tells you how many times you have edited the form. This is helpful if you have updated your form and need to track how many users submitted the newest version.  (When you create a form the version number starts at 1 but Live Forms increments the version each time you revise your form.)