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 Online users can edit submissions by default. The edit link can be turned off for all users by modifying the configuration property in the <frevvo-home>/WEB-INF/web.xml or the <frevvo-home>/tomcat/conf/catalina/localhost/frevvo.xml files for  In-house customers. 

Instantiate Older Submissions

Form/flow submissions are grouped by formid and uniquely identified by a submission id. Normally,

 allows you to instantiate from submission using the formtype or flowtype uri and the _submission parameter. The supplied _submission parameter value corresponds to the latest submission for that formid. If you are instantiating an older submission id, you see the following message: "Access Denied. This submission has already been processed".

The URL parameter (_override=true) allows the re-instantiation to happen even if the _submission does not correspond to the latest for the formid sequence. If you want users to see and potentially re-submit older versions, you will must append the _override=true parameter to the form/flow share link.

Let's say you want your non-designer users to be able to resubmit older versions of a form/flow. For example, imagine populating this year's Budget form with the information from the Budget form that was submitted last year. Now all you have to do is update the information for the current year instead of filling in the form again.

  1. The designer must grant view/edit permissions to the non-designer users via the Access Control feature. 

  2. Append the _submission id paramater with the submission id and the override=true parameter to the form/flow share URL.  The designer user can locate the submission id by adding the submission - id column to the submissions table. 

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       3. Copy the form/flow URL and append _submission=<ID ENTRY FROM FORM SUBMISSION TABLE>  - Here is an example of the Product Order Form with the submission id, d310878f-94cc-41f6-ad4c-dd864b4fd513, which references an older submission.  

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4. Without the _override=true parameter appended to the URL, the "Access Denied. This submission has already been processed" message will display.

5. To access this submission, append the _override=true to the form/flow share url:

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        6. The values displayed are from an older submission of the Product Order Form.

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Sorting Submission Results