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Adding multiple data sources from the same namespace will cause a clash in your form. And in fact

 will assist you by preventing you from making this mistake. A warning message is displayed in the Add Data Source panel when you click plus.

Similarly, multiple XSD files composing a single logical namespace is not supported. Instead, merge all XSD files for the same namespace into a single XSD file and then upload into Live Forms.

Generating Controls from Schema Elements


To locate the controls on the designer canvas that come from one of the data sources added to the form, click the  icon. This will highlight the associated controls.Image Removed

Image Added

Modifying Controls Generated from Schema Elements




Code Block
if (form.loadspanish.value == 'yes') {
  SpanishOnly.required = true;
  SpanishOnly.visible = true;
else {
  // Must clear values in hidden fields
  // Must be done BEFORE setting <section>.required=false
  name.value = null;
  age.value = null;
  SpanishOnly.required = false;
  SpanishOnly.visible = false;


Image RemovedImage Added


Do NOT add required palette controls into an optional schema section. The from schema section tries to validate controls inside it as if they are inside an optional section, but because the controls are from palette they are not bound to the same schema. Validation will not work as expected. If these controls are needed, update the xsd to add the controls directly to the schema. Refer to Customizing the XMLSchema for examples of common xsd customizations.


When you edit the form/flow step, after updating the schema, warnings and instructions will show for any controls that have become unbound etc. Notice the Number of Members in Family field has been added to the Data Source and now can be added to the form/flow.
Image RemovedImage Added

Although we do not recommend leaving unbounded controls in your form, you are not explicitly prevented from doing so.  If you save your form with unbounded controls, data submitted in these controls will be included in the default XML Submission document for the form itself as opposed to being captured in the XML document for the schema.


Schemas Choice Groups are not yet supported. The 1st choice appear on the form as required even though only one is. Do not use elements of type Choice in your forms.


Code Block
<xs:element name="promotion">
       <element name="Discount" /> 
       <element name="None" />


Schema controls can be initialized from an xml document using the form's doc action and manually set document URIs. See the integration chapter with details on initializing Forms with XML Documents.